Airwaves specialises in on- and in-water filming and have the equipment and operators to ensure economic and effective image capture in this demanding environment. Special underwater housings, splash proof cases, custom-made camera mounts, special audio set-ups, pole cameras and many other unique items make up the Airwaves armoury for demanding aquatic capture.

Airwaves have recently created a unique, single button, camera operating system for boats that allows multiple cameras to be selected and controlled from a small, fully waterproof button pad. Installed as a built-in system for long distance events or capable of being fitted just for a day for special purposes. As used by Emma Richards and Mike Golding on round the world races.

Airwaves on-board camera systems are second to none. Airwaves have trained camera operators who know and understand boats and who are capable of working from boats - either camera boats or on board craft power or sail - and also from the water.

Our renowned "Buoy-Cam" operators are dare-devil swimmers who get the real close-ups of the action above and below the waterline.

Our specialist aerial camera operators are similarly experts in working with their pilots and the skippers of the subjects they film to bring home the best shots.