Helicopter aerial filming

We have been directing aerial filming since the1984 coverage of the entire round Britain powerboat race, which demanded dealing with all manner of precarious locations and landing fields. We have subsequently led the 'Away Team' of aerial filming of the Whitbread and Volvo Ocean races. the Jules Verne trophy (round the world record and many other events that have required helcopters in remote locations, including Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Tasmania, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Caribbean, Scandinavia and of course the good old UK and Ireland for the Fastnet race.)

Our preferred aerial camera system is the Ultramedia II supplied by Arena Aviation and Castleair.This is a fully gyro-stabilised Sony HD camera with a 36-1Fujinon zoom and doubler lens. The system is 16:9 widescreen and and provides a digital output which can be recorded in many modern formats. The camera system and recorder are remotely operated from inside the aircraft, creating efficient and effective working environment and a 360 degree area of operation, an important efficiency of footage acquisition facility when spending budget in the air.

The system provides rock-steady images even at the end of the zoom and the mount gives the camera a very wide arc, clear of obstruction by the aircraft fuselage. It is usually mounted on a Eurocopter 350, a smooth, comfortable, fast, modern helicopter and it can also be carried on the 355, a twin-engined machine, for the longer-distance, over-the-water tasks.

With pilot, director and camera operator working together as a team, high quality, stable footage can be produced of almost any subject.

We are also fully CAA certified and insured UAV - Drone operators, the unique way to acquire cinema style filmic shots for a fraction of the price.