Post Production

In our own facilities in Warsash, Hampshire, England, we have two identical state-of-the-art, non-linear, digital editing facilities that produce complete broadcast programmes with graphics and sound.

Final Cut Studio, the popular and versatile editing system from the Apple in USA, allows straightforward, logical programme production with industry-leading abilities to output in Broadcast, DVD, and the many Internet streaming versions. We have over 10TB of media storage, enough for even the longest programme on television, plus our own soundbooth for preseneter voice-overs. We have ISDN audio and broadband Internet facilities to send or receive sound and pictures anywhere in the world.

We use all the digital tape formats of Beta SP, Digibeta, DVCam and HDV for capture and mastering as well as Sony XDcam and have the ability to provide broadcast standard output masters to suit the project.

We edit on the fastest multipule processor Apple computers, with Final Cut for editing and compositing, Motion for animations and timeline graphics, DVD Studio Pro for DVD design, authoring & mastering, After Effects for the really fancy stuff, and Photoshop and Illustrator to augument its power. Plus easy import of client edit and digitising lists from standard Microsoft Word files. We also have the skills and experience to get the best from the software and equipment.

We also have lightweight, mobile edit facilities, used in conjunction with the latest digital broadcast camera systems for on-site image capture, review and high speed production of news feeds, or even production of a complete finished broadcast programme, all on location.